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    The BISSELL Big Green rental carpetcleaner is quick and easy to use.

    Rent the 9 foot accessory hose and tool to easily clean stairs, upholstery and hard-to-reach places.Before you clean check the label on fabrics to make sure they don't require dry cleaning.Start by vacuuming the entire area.Consider pre-treating high-traffic areas or any set-in stains Carpet Cleaning.

    Next, attach the smaller solution hose tothe machine and turn clockwise to lock into place.

    Then, attach the larger hose to the top of the tank and turn clockwise to lock.Pressing the red trigger, clean with a back-and-forth motion.Release the trigger to suctionadditional dirty water.

    When you are finished, take off the solution hose and remove the larger hose.Clean the tool of any excess debris and rinse the hose.

    Pack up the hose and tool making sure there is no water in the hose before placing it into the bag.Remove and rinse the dirty water and solution tanks.Quick, easy, and you're done!BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaning machine

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